Enchanted DSLR Selfie Pod

Enchanted DSLR Selfie Pod

The Enchanted DSLR Selfie Pod is the latest addition to our collection that offers the same stylish and sleek design as our other pods apart from this one has a cannon DSLR camera fitted which delivers a super high quality image and runs our latest interactive software which is on our Magic Mirrors an oval photobooths.

This selfie pod is finished in a superb glitter red high gloss paint finish which really makes in stand out and would suit any event or party particularly where space is at a premium.

We can also offer a colour changing square cube which compliments the set up lovely. This Enchanted DSLR selfie Pod also has the ability to add a printer to enable your photos to be printed as well as texted to your mobile phone. Please contact a member of the team for availability for if you have any more question. 

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DSLR Selfie Pod enchanted

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