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With the introduction of small intimate weddings and a largely reduced guest list we wanted to come up with a way for our couples to still enjoy the fun and love that goes hand in hand with weddings. Just because we have to have reduced numbers at the moment it doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be a day to cherish With that in mind we’d like to introduce……………. THE UNATTENDED PACKAGE 

This package lasts the entire night of your reception and includes

A gorgeous white and silver glitter selfie pod, Unlimited visits to the pod, Fully interactive, A choice of template and photo options, Gifs, Boomerangs, Virtual Props, Instantly text your Photos/Gifs/Boomerangs, Backdrop of your choice from our catalogue, LED love letters fully colored LED love lights with multiple combinations of colours & designs.

Upgrades are available to a flower wall backdrop or a full day and night. We are also able to offer luxury individual sweet boxes for your guests, these can be offered alone or along with our gorgeous candy cart. This package is completely unattended meaning we won’t be taking up a precious spot on your guest list, the equipment will be fully cleaned and disinfected once set up and will be fully cleaned and disinfected again once collected. price is £450. 

Please enquire with a member of the team for availability.

mileage up to 25 miles included from SG14 included.

Any mileage over 25 miles will be charged per miles

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