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Reflection Pod

Introducing our Reflection Selfie Pod, the ultimate combination of cutting-edge technology and stunning aesthetics. This sleek and stylish selfie photo pod offers all the features of our digital pod, and more, making it the perfect choice for corporate activations and events that demand visual excellence.

With the Reflection Selfie Pod, your guests will enjoy a seamless experience that includes photo capture, GIFs, Boomerangs, video recording, and more. But what sets this pod apart is its enhanced capabilities.

Upgrade Brands with Visual Excellence: Elevate your brand presence with the Reflection Selfie Pod. Its sleek design and advanced features will leave a lasting impression on your guests, enhancing brand recognition and creating a memorable experience.

Printing Option:

Take your photos from the digital realm to the physical world with our built-in printing feature. Guests can instantly print their photos and take home tangible mementos of the event.

Emphasis on Corporate Activations:

The Reflection Selfie Pod is specifically designed to cater to corporate activations and events. It offers a range of features that align with corporate needs, including professional printing options, video capabilities, and a digital display for branding and promotional content.

Full Frontal Digital Display:

The Reflection Selfie Pod features a captivating full frontal digital display that can showcase dynamic visuals, branding elements, event information, or advertisements. This eye-catching display adds an extra layer of sophistication and engagement to your event.

Social Sharing and Analytics:

The Reflection Selfie Pod enables seamless social media sharing, allowing guests to instantly post their photos, GIFs, and videos on their favourite platforms. In addition, our advanced analytics provide valuable insights into guest engagement, allowing you to measure the success of your event and optimize future activations.
At Enchanted Magic Mirror, we understand the importance of creating exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact. With the Reflection Selfie Pod, we offer an unrivalled combination of innovative technology, stunning visuals, and branding opportunities to make your event truly remarkable. Contact us today to elevate your corporate activation with the Reflection Selfie Pod and unlock the full potential of your brand.
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