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Vintage Icon Booth

Step back in time with our Vintage Icon Booth, where classic aesthetics meet modern technology.

 This timeless treasure captures the elegance of yesteryears while delivering high-quality prints and interactive experiences. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any event, the Vintage Icon Booth is a favourite among those who appreciate the charm of the past but love the technology of the future.

Embrace lasting memories through the Vintage Icon Booth’s top-tier Mirrorless DSLR camera, guaranteeing every photo exudes sharpness and professional finesse.

Experience the grandeur of our expansive and immersive high-resolution rear screen that breathes life into videos, while also serving as a digital branding panel, dynamic signage and captivating slideshow all harmoniously united into one stunning feature.

Crafted with luxury and style in mind, the Vintage Icon Booth is meticulously designed to cater to the most sophisticated of events. Its array of features is thoughtfully curated to seamlessly align with corporate activations as well as prestigious weddings. From premium professional printing options to state-of-the-art video capabilities, all accompanied by a dynamic rear screen for brand promotion – the Vintage Icon Booth stands as your ultimate companion for unparalleled excellence.

Display your brand with captivating advertisements that will grab attention and leave a lasting impact!

Vertical is the new horizon! Craft remarkable, high-quality videos with special effects and effortlessly view them through the rear screen, perfectly primed for social media distribution.

With the Vintage Icon Booth, social sharing becomes a breeze, enabling guests to swiftly share their photos, GIFs, and videos across their preferred platforms. Moreover, our cutting-edge analytics offer profound insights into guest engagement, empowering you to gauge your event’s impact and fine-tune future activations for optimal results.

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